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Trying a MRE for the First Time!

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7 thoughts on “Trying a MRE for the First Time!

  1. Nice to see the addition of heaters, I had to eat mine mostly cold. I got out in 92 so its been a while. PB&J is the same, no oatmeal cookies for us. Don’t even remember the snack think it mostly some cheese whiz crap! The coffee was mostly eaten as straight powder with a water chaser! Seems like I always got the spaghetti and meatballs or the chicken cacciatore. Thank god for the Tabasco!

  2. I wonder what would happen if you mixed the contents of that heater in a plastic or glass bottle with about 5 of the mini tobasco bottles and about 3/4 of a cup of water and sealed it really quickly???

  3. I agree with all comments friends.    I am A member, of the MRE reviewers on you tube.    If Chad, has never  had an American MRE, him and you both, might like to see, how foreign rations compare, and, unfortunately, exceed ours.  If you wish links, I may provide many reviewers, and reviews friends?       Correct on all information, Knead cheese, peanut butter, others.  Good luck on the FRH.   Civilian versions,  offer do better than military.  I have had, 3 cases, Ameriqual, military,  2017, in the last year.  99% were duds.    Foreign rations, provide water purification tablets,   we do not?   Some MRE’S  refuse to exit,      be honest,   some make A quick run to the back door, LOL.    I will trade all my skittles, LOL. Teeth will not allow.   Jalapeño   cheese spread, I will trade for, LOL.    If you wish to see the person, who eats, and, enjoys smokes from older rations, I know the man!      You would be surprised,  as to his cast iron stomach!   Hot beverage bag, works nicely.  If there is enough room for it, in the FRH?  Rare occasion, I assure you!     You all had A good meal,      Peace, John,      AKA,   Magnum, from Kentucky.    P.s.     I, we, have friends, in Britain, Scotland, Poland, New Zealand, Australia,  Africa, Croatia, Austria, and many more.  This list, is just off of the top of my head.  Many friends, here in U.S., deal with foreign rations.   Imports, on beef, pork, lamb, no longer allowed.  Fish and chicken, is still permitted?    USDA, targeting all, it would seem?   I can have, mercury poisoning from fish,  and avian flu, from chicken.  We may not be allowed, to, get mad cow disease, trichinosis, or others?        Same food shipped every other way, same sources, just not military rations?    Only people, I have ever known, getting sick, was the U.S. rations, dairy shake recall.  Between 2005-2011.  One got salmonella in, 2012?     Only episode I know of.   I have been away , for A while.   Returned friends.  Peace,     John,   Magnum.  Any info I may provide, I will friends.                                     John.

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