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Should we be scared of wolves?

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Should we be scared of wolves? Today I am taking a walk with a wolf to find out. #wolf #timberwolf #survivallilly
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7 thoughts on “Should we be scared of wolves?

  1. My grandpa would always would tell me to watch your videos and he would tell me “now lexi that’s a woman” .. I haven’t watch any of your videos till today …. watching this kind of makes me sad because my grandpa recently passed away😓 p.s my grandpa called himself a mountain man

  2. Humans are the most dangerous animal in the woods !! They kill for sport !
    A wolf only kills to eat ! A bunch of hungry wolves may be forced to try and take a human otherwise you most likely will never see them !
    It is cruel to keep a wolf in a cage !
    You only learned about a caged animal ! A caged human dosn’t act like a wild human either !

  3. No, they don’t want anything to do with us. Leave them alone if possible. Of course, if you threaten the pack, you might be in danger.

  4. Ok. Let’s see how a wild coyote from Vancouver B.C. Canada. Handles a tame encounter like this one. Forsure, there will be a difference.

  5. 👍❤️ They’re beautiful animals. Should you be afraid?🤔 🤗 Nah, just keep your Red Riding Hood handy, you’ll be aight.

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