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NEW! Calorie Packed MRE Review – Survival, Emergency, Bug Out, Hunting, Camping Food.

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In this video, professional hunting guide, Steve Ross, will show you the Ravioli with Meat Sauce MRE from MRE Nation. Use code “UST10” to save 10% when shopping on


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7 thoughts on “NEW! Calorie Packed MRE Review – Survival, Emergency, Bug Out, Hunting, Camping Food.

  1. The trick to opening an MRE without a knife is to slice it open with your CAC card or a similar object like a credit card or driver’s license. I learned that one at basic training.

  2. Cool looking MREs David & Steve. Keeping 2 or 3 packs in your edc, get home and/or bug out bag would be a great idea too, hunter or not. Because you never know. 😁👍👍 – Greg

  3. He seems a nice dude… but he has no clue how to do it efficiently use an MRE (pouring water back in the stream after having been exposed to the chemicals… placement of the heater in the bag…placement of the bag etc etc) … and knife etiquette ist also unknown to him… but he knows how to eat… one of the quite suboptimal videos… guess you needed some topic to introduce that character… THAT was poorly done…sorry jmho

  4. I always enjoyed the beef ravioli. I’m gonna try these out cuz they are definitely easy meals in the woods or what have you. I always crushed up my crackers and mixed with the entree as it thickened up the meal and made the crackers edible, of course where applicable.

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