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Canadian Prepper vs Survival Lilly – Ultimate Showdown

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Canadian Prepper vs Survival Lilly – Ultimate Showdown
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12 thoughts on “Canadian Prepper vs Survival Lilly – Ultimate Showdown

    1. Survival Lilly Did you know you supposed to aim with the extended arm? Just like baseball with the feet and hips the way you position your hips and rotate your extended arm will direct the projectile! My little girl knows this!

    1. OK, so it’s been five years and I’m just now coincidentally starting up again (self-imposed arthritis therapy) and can’t hit spit with the shepherd’s sling either… (lol).

  1. To add to the narrative of vegan diet. We don’t see the mother koala bear feed its baby with her own dung to populate the gut with her probiotic bacteria to break down the tannins of the blue gum leaves. The gorilla has to eat 18 hours a day like a fucking panda which is a token of a stupid fucking animal that is nearly extinct
    Dogs and man/women and pigs are omnivorous and I love them all in the right context

  2. I have just seen the advert for the movie game changers.. Veganism on plant based diet prior to the video and the last one the bloke was asking the body builder how he can be as strong as an ox without eating meat and the answer was.. Have you seen an ox eating meat.! Ha
    My answer is did you know that the cow has four stomachs and has to chew the cud.
    I would rather listen to lilly and eat meat

  3. no canada im not going to tell you how much you suck, once was enough and i never repeat myself.besides you said all by your lonesome.bawhahaha! ive never met an actual wrist rocket marksman anyway.

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